Thursday, 17 March 2011

Colleen Ellington

Central to my practice are my sketchbooks and drawing. Drawing comes naturally and is one of my greatest pleasures. Due to my training in sculpture I have a good understanding of shape and form and having trained and work as a graphic designer I gained sound knowledge of layout and design skills pre computer age.  Studying Textiles and Surface Design has given me new skills and the opportunity to amalgamate these different areas of interest.
My way of working allows plenty of scope for creativity and development of unconventional ideas.  I enjoy working on a larger with all manner of materials; dyes and paint in easy reach as are my sketch books and computer. I work from sketch book to computer and back to paper or fabric; pushing around pattern and  texture exploring surface qualities, experimenting with scale, composition and juxtaposition.  The mixed media, the unexpected, the mistakes, are an important part of my process and final outcome. In short I like to be open and spontaneous, to improvise, and be experimental.  I take pleasure in turning old and new, using artificial materials like plastic, vinyl and foils combined with artisan techniques.

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