Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Re post of deadlines.

Sorry everyone,

Just to amend that last post the deadline for Professional studies is the 28th of April at 9.30 am and the Final major project deadline is the 16th of May, all though I'm sure by now the 16th of may is firmly fixed in every ones minds!

Good luck with tomorrow,

From the blog group x

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Hey all,

I hope you have all managed to squeeze in some time for a break and some easter eggs over the last two weeks! It's got to that busy time again so here's a little reminder of the next big dates for your diaries...
Our last two deadlines are:

Professional studies - 28th April
Final Major Project - 16th June

And it won't be long until our degree show when we can exhibit all our lovely work at the Art Gallery in Church Square... exciting! There is definately lots to do, so it will be busy busy busy for the next three weeks... Go for it!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Well Done to the award winners of the Bradford Textile Society!

A big well done to Joy Herman and Charlotte Pennock for being awarded a commendation by the Bradford Textile Society in the Prestigious Textiles Award category! Great achievements and were all very proud of them both! Here's a look at the Printed Interior's fabrics which Joy entered... 

Colleen Ellington also achieved third prize for 'The Unexpected' Clothworker's Foundation Award! The definition of this award is one which is designed for the fashion or interiors market and is created by non - conventional means. A fantastic achievement and here's a look at Colleen's entered work -

Sunday, 10 April 2011

More from Lauren Wilson!

I have finished sampling from my six final designs ready to print my lengths after easter, which is nervous but exciting! I can't wait to see them in place! Here is come images of my sampling from one of my designs. I love to experiment with each design creating a variety of colour ways. I find this really helps me develop me techniques further.

Jacquelyn Wood

I am about to graduate from Cleveland College of Art and Design after studying Textile and Surface Design.

Whilst studying I have juggled being the proprietor of a soft furnishings business, Design & Create Soft Furnishings which I operate from home.  Study and work have gone hand in hand on many occasions with techniques or information being used immediately in the workplace and my experience with business, customers, sewing and contacts helping with college projects. The confidence and knowledge I now possess has enabled me to grow my business from window dressing to individual soft furnishings, sensitively representing my customer’s individuality.

CCAD has given me the freedom and inspiration to be experimental and innovative, placing trust in my instinct and ability in effective imagery and with the structure and professionalism my business has taught me, together these skills will be invaluable.

I am excited at the prospect of going forwards armed with my newly acquired skills and enthusiasm to explore the world as a Designer Maker.

Laura Craven

My Project is called "Textured Portraits", i intend to create 4 1&1/2 meter lengths of fabric and paper printed with portraits and textures . Each length will be double layered and contain a portrait and either a background or foreground which complements the portrait.
My photos have been taken on black and white film and my project wil mostly be black and white for effect. The portraits are supposed to have an impact which is why i have printed them so large, they are supposed to prevoke a reaction.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Tara Whittingham

Whilst studying Textiles and Surface Design I realised my enthusiasm for interiors and my passion for bold floras. I enjoy drawing in a quite controversial style, using a variety of mark making techniques. My imagery can be soft and feminine, with sensitive and delicate aspects, as well as harsh and sketchy to give an expressive and exciting feel. My drawing is a key part to my designs and I enjoy combining the two different styles to create contrasting repeats for furnishing fabrics and wallpapers.

My theme for my final major project is 'Botanical'. I wanted to combine this flora based theme with something contrasting and geometric. I came up with the idea of mosaic and started drawing flowers in a squared format using blocks of colour.

Have a look at my blog for more images of my work - 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Successful Sponsorship!

 Well done to Lauren Wilson for organising a great Sponsorship with Colourist!

I absolutely love colour and experimenting with different techniques! So, I was extremely excited that after applying for sponsorship, I was lucky enough to received some from the brilliant Colourist!

Colourist produce fabric transfer paints. I love to use them within my work to create bold backgrounds and combine with screen printing. The images above show the colours I chose which I am experimenting with in my FMP.

+44 (0)1488 686866