Saturday, 25 June 2011


Well done and good luck to all the students going to New Designers next week! It will be busy but lots of fun I'm sure (keep me updated with photos!)

And a big congratulations to all graduating students this year! Please keep in touch with news, photos and updates - I would love to keep posting everyone's stories and successes of which I'm sure there will be many. It has been a lovely three years and I wish you all the very best for the future!

Finally, I'd like to say a few thank yous to the following people for their involvement and help during our course...

All the tutors (this year including Claire, Lyndon, Lianne, Tricia, Malcolm and Graham) - your guidance and help has meant a great deal and is very much appreciated, especially through the stresses of our final year.

The Print, Embroidery and I.T Technicians - for all your support.

The Library staff - for being so friendly and helpful, and for all your work with proof reading and researching dissertations. 

Everyone involved in the Degree Show - for all the hard work, planning, and support from the gallery and its staff to make the show such a fantastic and successful event.



Monday, 13 June 2011

Look who's in the Press!

A few of us from our course have been chosen to have our photograph taken for the local newspaper, The Hartlepool Mail, as coverage of our degree show! How exciting :) And great publicity of our show and our work!

Degree Show!!

Our 2011 Degree show finally arrived!! And what a night - everyone looked gorgeous and, as all the visitors agreed, the work looked fantastic. We all enjoyed ourselves, and it was lovely to have people comment on our work! Definately a night to be proud of, so well done everyone :)

The Textiles and Surface Design year of 2011

Lauren Wilson

Charlotte Pennock

Lauren Spellman

David Palmer

Hayley Robinson

Rachel Hagger

Vikki Blair

Stephanie Richards

Tara Whittingham

Louise Hodgson

Lucy Harker

James Lydon

Heather Fraser

Jennie Harrison

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Arranging Displays

It's 2 days to go until our degree show and everyone has planned such gorgeous displays and has lovely work, so I thought I would put a few up and show them off! It's a very busy time, and as I'm sure we can all agree, putting these displays up is much harder than it looks... Everything looks good though, so I can't wait to see how they will look in the church!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Our special guest, Malcolm Jarvis, will be opening our degree show on the 9th of June and as a thank you from our course we decided to prepare him a present... 

Joy Herman kindly volunteered her lovely design to use, and Catherine Miller and Lauren Spellman printed this gorgeous tie! Lovely!

Degree Show Prep

Our work is now all handed in and marked, so the next thing to do is all our degree show preparations including painting boards, making mock ups of our individual spaces and perfecting how they will look on the night of the show. Very exciting and it is sinking in how quickly the show is approaching...time flies when you're having fun!

Mavis, Tanya, James and Joy are all working away painting their boards! Who said this job wasn't fun?!

Jennie Harrison

Hello, my names Jennie Harrison. I’ve been studying BA Hons Textile and Surface Design currently in my third year and enjoying my last year of university.
My inspirations for my drawings come from the Market Research I do for each project. This decides what I draw and what colour palette I choose. I’m bright, luminute and very colourful with my work and love using different medias within my drawings. Textures within my drawings are the key to my success. I love using a variety of scaling within my work. Many of my design are multi directional repeats and are suitable for the fashion and interior industry. Shape and the follow of imagery give my work the backbone or structure. I like multi directional and other direct repeats.
I’ve just started my major project and drawing from the inspiration I found over the holidays. Currently looking at the galaxy and I’m seeing stars already. My chosen brief is to look at the ‘Cosmic future’ this theme has graphics and lots of swirling colours attached to it, which makes my so more attacked to it.  My work is main print based and I’ve just learnt how to digital print my work. Which I discovered my minor project.
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