Friday, 25 February 2011

Stacey Bartle

At this moment in time I’m hard at work on my final project as a student in Cleveland, My final major is unfolding before my eyes into some weird and wonderful areas with inspiration from Antony Gormley and of course London fashion week which is currently underway.     

My project title is “Fluffier than meringue to as dark as death” it is based around the Second World War but focused on the torture camps, I love the controversy of this subject and the shock value as you look at my initial research although my project has moved on dramatically since looking at piles of bodies. I am now experimenting with varnish ink and photographs of rusty metal objects.    

The way I work is deep in subject matter and I find it hard to skim the surface of an idea, I also usually start with a dark untouched subject because I believe it is pointless starting with something that is already beautiful.

My area of specialism is Men’s wear; this is where I could place myself in industry. I love the practicality of the garments and how modern men are so open to wearing exciting new trends, women’s wear is always going to revive itself but I feel men's wear is just starting to take off and I want to be a part of it.
My name's Stephanie Richards and I'm currently in full swing of my Final Major Project, which is all about fables and story telling through designs...Exciting stuff! Looking at stories by Anderson for lots of inspiration and loving interpreting them in my own way. I am developing my designs in placement, repeat and repeat length designs for the Interiors market and have taken a lot of inspiration from companies such as Timorous Beasties for their descriptive illustrative designs, and also exhibitions including the 'Enchanted' which was in Kensington Palace, London. I have been busy in the print room, developing and producing colour ways of my designs, and here's a few examples of what I've been up to...

Hey, my name’s Charlotte Young and i’m currently in the middle of my final major project. I will be producing a series of wallpaper lengths in repeat which are based on an marine life, looking specifically at coral. I will be using different techniques which i will learn along the way and will keep you all posted. Here’s some snapps of what im doing.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Introducing the class of 2011...

Lauren Wilson

 "Hello, I'm Lauren Wilson. Im currently very busy in my final year at
CCAD! Within my final major project I have chosen to specialise in
furnishing fabrics for interiors. My theme looks at a combination of
decorative antiques and nature, originally adapted from the Faux Real
trend. Within this project I hope to produce a professional collection
of furnishing fabric lengths."

Joy Herman

Specialism:  Designing repeat patterns for interior furnishing fabrics and wallpapers.
Inspirations:  Things which arouse my creative senses, urging me to respond to their presence in the world; from an intriguing plant to a pair of old shoes. I love mid-century modern textile designs and admire those who created them; people like Lucienne day and Jacqueline Groag.  Some other Creatives that I aspire to are Judith Cain, Victoria Crowe, Charlie Harper, John Piper, Carlene Edwards, Maija Louekari and Angie Lewin.
Currant work:   ‘The north between the wars’ provides a model for the present day, it presents an example of how hard times can be overcome. The 1920s and 30s eventually became the 50s and 60s. That is the story of my Project. Out of ideas of austerity will blossom exciting, vibrant designs.
The future:  Launching myself into the professional creative arena as a free lance surface pattern designer / designer maker.

Mavis Glover

For my Final Major Project I am working on repeat designs for furnishing fabrics and wallpapers which I am digitally printing and hopefully I will also do some screen printing as well. I have been inspired by the concept of systems evolving, whether it is Darwin’s evolution of the species or the evolution of the Universe since the Big Bang. The juxtaposition of the organic shapes with the bright colours found in supernova and the graphic shapes of DNA molecules should allow me to achieve a quirky contemporary feel.

I love to embellish textile pieces with both machine and hand embroidery. I was recently awarded a Madeira sponsorship and will use some of their materials to create some cushion designs based on the physics of evolution.

I have also been designing my own range of knitted dolls which I have sold at Pins and Needles, Knitting and Stitch and the Stitch and Embroidery shows and these can be seen on my website (

I am one of the part time year 6 students and so started my FMP sooner than the rest of Level 6 full timers. As a result I am quite well on with my  designs for furnishing fabrics and wallpaper. These are all designed on Photoshop and then digitally printed on to fabric and paper. I have loved doing the repeat patterns from my drawings but it’s now time to move on to some placement designs for cushions.


Dissertation, finally it's over : )

Thank god for that. At long last we have all finished the dreaded dissertation, now for the easy part of the final major project, haha. You can all look forward to our regular posts on your favorite new blog, We'll keep you updated!