Monday, 18 April 2011

Well Done to the award winners of the Bradford Textile Society!

A big well done to Joy Herman and Charlotte Pennock for being awarded a commendation by the Bradford Textile Society in the Prestigious Textiles Award category! Great achievements and were all very proud of them both! Here's a look at the Printed Interior's fabrics which Joy entered... 

Colleen Ellington also achieved third prize for 'The Unexpected' Clothworker's Foundation Award! The definition of this award is one which is designed for the fashion or interiors market and is created by non - conventional means. A fantastic achievement and here's a look at Colleen's entered work -


  1. Well done the 2 of you. What a great achievement of which you can both be very proud.

  2. Sorry I meant to say well done the 3 of you !!!