Sunday, 10 April 2011

Jacquelyn Wood

I am about to graduate from Cleveland College of Art and Design after studying Textile and Surface Design.

Whilst studying I have juggled being the proprietor of a soft furnishings business, Design & Create Soft Furnishings which I operate from home.  Study and work have gone hand in hand on many occasions with techniques or information being used immediately in the workplace and my experience with business, customers, sewing and contacts helping with college projects. The confidence and knowledge I now possess has enabled me to grow my business from window dressing to individual soft furnishings, sensitively representing my customer’s individuality.

CCAD has given me the freedom and inspiration to be experimental and innovative, placing trust in my instinct and ability in effective imagery and with the structure and professionalism my business has taught me, together these skills will be invaluable.

I am excited at the prospect of going forwards armed with my newly acquired skills and enthusiasm to explore the world as a Designer Maker.

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