Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Jennie Harrison

Hello, my names Jennie Harrison. I’ve been studying BA Hons Textile and Surface Design currently in my third year and enjoying my last year of university.
My inspirations for my drawings come from the Market Research I do for each project. This decides what I draw and what colour palette I choose. I’m bright, luminute and very colourful with my work and love using different medias within my drawings. Textures within my drawings are the key to my success. I love using a variety of scaling within my work. Many of my design are multi directional repeats and are suitable for the fashion and interior industry. Shape and the follow of imagery give my work the backbone or structure. I like multi directional and other direct repeats.
I’ve just started my major project and drawing from the inspiration I found over the holidays. Currently looking at the galaxy and I’m seeing stars already. My chosen brief is to look at the ‘Cosmic future’ this theme has graphics and lots of swirling colours attached to it, which makes my so more attacked to it.  My work is main print based and I’ve just learnt how to digital print my work. Which I discovered my minor project.
Blogspot: jennietextisurfaces.blogspot.com
Email Address: jenharrison11@live.co.uk

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