Friday, 25 February 2011

Stacey Bartle

At this moment in time I’m hard at work on my final project as a student in Cleveland, My final major is unfolding before my eyes into some weird and wonderful areas with inspiration from Antony Gormley and of course London fashion week which is currently underway.     

My project title is “Fluffier than meringue to as dark as death” it is based around the Second World War but focused on the torture camps, I love the controversy of this subject and the shock value as you look at my initial research although my project has moved on dramatically since looking at piles of bodies. I am now experimenting with varnish ink and photographs of rusty metal objects.    

The way I work is deep in subject matter and I find it hard to skim the surface of an idea, I also usually start with a dark untouched subject because I believe it is pointless starting with something that is already beautiful.

My area of specialism is Men’s wear; this is where I could place myself in industry. I love the practicality of the garments and how modern men are so open to wearing exciting new trends, women’s wear is always going to revive itself but I feel men's wear is just starting to take off and I want to be a part of it.

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